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Family Group Meeting

Family groups were made by grouping all HBS member families on the basis of their resident areas. Each group consisting 4 to 6 families in average. There will be meetings & activities conducted by these family groups regularly. This concept was introduced to facilitate the corporation & awareness of members. Few groups have already conducted their inaugural activity and enthusiastic for more activities.

"Suhada" - HBS Magazine

Second issue of Suhada magazine is being edited and will be published soon. Many members contributed towards the magazine with their creative articles, poems whilst the magazine contains articles of HBS teachings. Suhada magazine also creates a platform to share the experiences of practicing the HBS way.

Sri Lanka & Buddhism

HBS Museum in Kyoto, (located in HBS headquarter) presents their next exhibition themed "Sri Lanka & Buddhism" launching from 10th April till September this year. Exhibition will feature the Buddhist heritage, culture and history of the isle of Sri Lanka whilst giving a glimpse of present day Sri Lanka. This programme will further facilitate as a gateway for the Japanese community into the world heritage sites of Sri Lanka.

Upcoming Events

Avurudhu Uthsavaya (Traditional New Year Fest.)

Annual traditional New Year festival of the HBS members will be held on Sunday 24th April. Traditional aurudu games will be conducted throughout the day. All the members are invited to take part.

Vesak Festival

Sri Lanka HBS Centre will conduct the Vesak-Alms stall this year simultaneous to the exhibition on Primordial Buddhist practice at the Sri Lanka HBS Centre. Decorations will be made illuminating the streets as the programme would start from 7.00 pm. Main hall of the centre will display many panels regarding what HBS & Primordial Buddhism is about. All those who are interested can walk-in free.

HBS Blood Drive

Second blood drive of Sri Lanka HBS will be held on 26th of June starting from 9.00 am till 3.00pm. All the blood donors are invited to contribute in this humanitarian endeavour.

24 hours Odaimoku Chanting

Sri Lanka HBS holds a 24 hours chanting session once every year. Chanting sessionwill start from 9.30am on 16th of July, Saturday and will continue till 9.30am the following day, 17th of July. Lodging facilities will be arranged at the Centre for participants.

HBS Cricket Fiesta

Annual cricket encounter of Sri Lanka HBS will be held on 21st of August, Sunday from 10.00 am at the Ratmalana Railway Grounds.

Events Archive 2015

Special Oko Meeting

Special Oko meeting was held at the Sri Lanka HBS Buddhist centre featuring three head priests, Most Rev. Nisso R. Fukuoka & Most Rev. Nichio Seijun Nagamatsu from Japan, and Most. Rev. Nichiyu Correia from Brazil.

Aluth Avurudu Celebrations

Traditional New Year festival of Sri Lanka HBS members was held embracing the cultural & traditional values. This whole day event was full of traditional games, competitions which bring the community together with love & harmony.

Vesak (Buddha Jayanthi)

Sri Lanka HBS Buddhist organization joins the Vesak celebration every year, decorating the streets with hundreds of lanterns, and setting up an alms-stall (Dansala) for thousands of by passers in front of the HBS main centre. Further we created an Exhibition introducing the HBS, in our main hall premises for the visitors to walk in free and gain a knowledge on HBS teachings.

24 hours chanting session

Sri Lanka HBS members organize this event once a year in which we conduct Namu Myoho Renge Kyo chanting continuously for 24 hours.

Special Oko meeting by Most Rev. Nisso R. Fukuoka

Most Rev. Nisso R. Fukuoka conducted a chanting session and special sermon at the Sri Lanka HBS main centre.

Launching of HBS relief aid for Nepal

HBS worldwide community gathered funds, mainly in Japan for relief activities in recent earthquake stricken Nepal. Sri Lanka HBS represented the international HBS relief team together with members from Japan, Brazil & India.

Annual cricket encounter

It’s the game of love and unity. Nothing would be better than a good game of cricket to bring Sri Lankans together. Annual cricket fiesta of Sri Lanka HBS unified the Men, Women and Youth members under the sporting spirit regardless of age and gender.

Workshop for Management Committee Members

An adventure based workshop was held in order to promote leadership, corporation and self-confidence whilst building up the relationship bonds in members of the Sri Lanka HBS Management committee.

Children’s day Concert

Sri Lanka HBS organized a variety talent show to celebrate world children’s & adult’s day. Women’s group took the initiative to organize this event. Event was named "Suhada Ridma Sara" 2015 (Rhythmical encounter of intimates).

2nd Phase of HBS Relief Aid for Nepal

Sri Lanka HBS represented the second phase of Relief programme for Nepal. This time we gathered with the intention of starting construction to rebuild an "Earthquake proof – Earth Bag" classroom building at the Samundradevi Secondary Higher School in Nuwakot district.

Youth Camp

First ever camping experience for the Sri Lanka HBS Young members. A life lesson of survival skills, friendship and courage. Every moment together increased our happiness and enthusiasm, for more of these encounters to escape the routine life, enjoy the nature and to learn the life.

3rd Phase of HBS Relief Aid for Nepal

This phase was focused to complete the construction of the earthquake-proof classroom building at the Samundradevi secondary School in Nuwakot. It is with utmost sympathy to mention that we lost one of our soul mates from HBS Japan due to an unfortunate accident during the construction process. Mr. Akira Obara from Japan sacrificed his life in this accident. He will be eternally remembered for his great Bodhisattva heart, his passion and his sacrifice.

Special Oko meeting conducted by Rev.Seiyo Fukuoka

Rev. Fukuoka Seiyo conducted a chanting session and special sermon on behalf of Most Rev. Nichio Nagamatsu Seijun at the Sri Lanka HBS main centre. Participants were highly motivated by Rev. Seiyo Fukuoka’ sermon.

Dharma discussion between Ven. Vimalarathana thero & Rev. Ryojun.

How does Primordial Buddhism harmonize with Theravada Buddhist concept? Do they contradict? This Dharma discussion between Rev.Dileepa Ryojun and Ven.Vimalarathana thero, answered these questions.

31st Night Program

It has become a custom for Sri Lanka HBS members to gather at the Sri Lanka HBS Main Centre to join the dawn of the New Year chanting session. A musical entertainment programme would take place for several hours in the New Year’s Eve before the chanting session.